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Technical Specifications for Submersible Pumps

Grundfos Extended Life CBNG pumps and motors


Grundfos' new 4" CBNG (Coal Bed Natural Gas) submersibles feature durable corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction and an enhanced wear resistant design for harsh, abrasive CBNG environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Built-in upthrust protection - additional upthrust washers added for increased durability.
  • Intermediate bearing chambers - three additional top, middle and bottom bearings installed to improve stability, reduce wear and extend pump lifetimes.
  • Rugged top shaft bearings - tighter tolerances and new welded bearing cap increase top bearing life.
  • Quality construction - built of rugged, corrosion resistant stainless steel.
  • No check valve - CBNG pumps are offered without check valves.

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