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Water Booster Pump Station

Pumps of Oklahoma can offer a variety of designs for water booster pump stations.

As small towns and communities continue to grow and expand it is becoming more common for the community to have outgrown its original water tower or booster station. We can design a specific booster station for an existing water distribution system to meet the expanding demands of these growing communities. ITT/Flowtronex also has an extensive line of packaged water booster stations and has a wide variety of booster pump station designs. This line of water booster station is called the Aquaforce water booster station and can deliver flows up to several thousand gallons per minute and pressures up to several hundred pounds per square inch. These pre-packaged booster pump stations are designed to meet the constant use, high volume demands of expanding water systems.

As water continues to become more expensive and less available, the variable speed constant pressure water booster station becomes a valuable piece of equipment to optimize water usage in high temperature irrigation heavy environments. Optimization of water booster pump station design becomes critical to limit excess water usage. As water use is on the incline we have noted a decrease in the water quality being used for irrigation purposes. Water with higher total dissolved solids, increased chlorides, and elevated metals have made it necessary to design the water booster stations using better metal alloys. Stainless steel is the preferred material of construction when we design a pump booster station.

Another valuable use for the constant pressure variable speed water booster pump station is for saltwater injection with relation to oil and gas production. These all stainless steel high volume high pressure pumps can achieve flows in excess of 30,000 barrels of fluid per day at pressures up to 700 psi. With the variable speed control option we can the booster station can follow a level or pressure signal varying the flow with the pressure.

 Pumps of Oklahoma, Incorporated is a wholesale supplier of well pump systems, industrial/environmental pump and remediation systems and oil and gas pumping systems. For the past 40 years Pumps of Oklahoma has been the leader in the supply of a wide variety of centrifugal pump systems. We have been an ITT/Goulds Pumps supplier since 1973 and a Grundfos Pumps supplier since 1980. Both Goulds and Grundfos provide high end water booster stations. These booster stations utilize variable speed constant pressure control technology. 

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